Yalandra offers a true paddock to plate experience. A family-owned sustainable & ethical farming operation, producing only the highest quality meats! Yalandra farm stay at Mittavale is a beautifully renovated 1913 homestead situated in the stunning Mitta Valley. The homestead offers guests a luxurious, rustic and relaxing place to stay. The homestead consists of four bedrooms all with personal ensuites, a modern and fully equiped kitchen available for those wishing to self-cater and numerous separate living areas where you'll find yourself relaxing. You can be sure the homestead has all the creature comforts of home plus so much more. 

Yalandra Pastoral Company  is a locally owned and operated family farming business. The company has been in operation for many decades; And with age, comes experience and expertise within the industry. 

Yalandra Pastoral Company sells its Wagyu Cattle and Dorper Lamb through the Yalandra Fine Foods 

butcher shop located in the city of Albury. Locally bred, grown and sold.

Yalandra Fine Foods pride themselves on only providing the freshest of meats and gormet fine foods.

Yalandra Pastoral Comany

The Giltrap family are the proud and passionate owners of the Yalandra Pastoral Company. 

The Yalandra Pastoral Company has there pastoral land located in Jindera New South Wales just North of the Albury border. This is not only home to the Giltrap family but also where all the Wagyu cattle and Dorper sheep are bred.

The Yalandra Pastoral Company also own pastoral land in the Mitta Valley of Victoria just South of the Albury border. This is where the young Wagyu Cattle are grown out and conditioned on luxuriant pastures.

Sustainable Farming

Successful and sustainable pasture management requires skill, experience and flexibility. At Yalandra we are the third generation of farmers and have an intimate knowledge of the care that is required for farming in this climate.

We aim for the best balance for production, quality of Wagyu, animal welfare and sustainable management of the environment. 

Our Methods

Some of the sustainable farming methods adopted by Yalandra Pastoral Company can include the following;

  • We using our own ‘worm juice’ as fertilizer and dung beetles as soil aids (natural intervention methods).

  • We manage soil compaction and methane emission with flexible grazing arrangements.

  • We are managing our waterways by keeping them clean and healthy as possible.                                             

We have seen these methods improve our pastoral land over time. We have enhanced the biodiversity and improved pasture. This has resulted in a reduced need for chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides. And reduced soil erosion and created a greater drought resistance.

Our Approach

Our approach towards farming practices is based upon the health of our lands biodiversity. Biodiversity is a natural cycle that involves a variety of living things.

We are enhancing the health of our biodeversity by promoting healthy soil. We do this by nutrient recycling, retaining and restoring native vegetation, controlling pests, weeds and diseases.  And managing our pastures and waterways.

We have become a complimentary factor within the biodiversity and its fruitful ecosystem. 

Our Pastures

Yalandra Pastoral Company varies there grazing regime on native, re-vegetated, introduced grasses and supplementary feeding as required.

We vary stock levels according to the environmental needs of each particular section of pasture, and the health of the surrounding biodiversity.

We have subdivide sections of this pasture for perennial cropping and grazing. Selected species of perennial pasture are valued for their high quality feeding value and ability to improve soil fertility through nitrogen fixation.

Other benefits of perennial pastures include the following:

  • Good ground cover.

  • Reduced erosion.

  • Prevents rising water tables.

  • Reduces salinity.

And allows undisturbed soil to be inhabited by micro flora and micro fauna required for healthy soil.  

  YALANDRA AT MITTAVALE 206 Borlla Road NSW 2640

N. 7981

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