From humble beginnings…

History of our Chef Directors Giuseppe Lombardo and Nicola Vanacore come from a fine pedigree of Italian cuisine as both their fathers were chefs in Naples and they have grown up with the best of Neapolitan food It was therefore no surprise that they chose to train as chefs themselves in the prestigious Sorrento area After qualifying in 1994 they arrived together in England to work in a number of Italian restaurants in Lancashire They have both set up homes with their respective families in the Worsley area and as such feel qualified to understand the requirements of local people for authentic Italian food Their experience is extensive and since 2009 Giuseppe and Nicola have both been chefs at the world famous San Carlo Group where more recently Giuseppe has been the leading chef in San Carlos Cicchetti Restaurant in Manchester.

Where we are today?

Two award winning Chef will bring the art of cooking traditional and contemporary Italian.
At Vesuvio we combine authentic Italian cuisine with warm friendly hospitality to create a memorable dining experience. Come on in and take a look.

  RISTORANTE VESUVIO 9a - 14a Standfield Centre Simpson Rd M28 1FB
Gran Bretagna

N. 7965

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ristoranti A Tutto Pesce Fish All Inclusive

Il ristorante Fish All Inclusive situato in Via Batteria Siacci, angolo Via dell'Armellino - Anzio (RM), è dotato di un’ampia sala, di circa 210 coperti, climatizzata ed estremamente luminosa. Il ristorante è dotato di un ampio parcheggio privato scoperto.

ristoranti Bacco Perbacco Cucina Italiana Italië is dichterbij dan u denkt. Italiaans restaurant Bacco Perbacco in Den Haag is daar een mooi voorbeeld van. Alles wat we hier hebben, is Italiaans, tot aan de glazen toe. Onze zuidelijke gastvrijheid staat borg voor een warm welkom en een maaltijd die u nooit zult vergeten.Wij hebben geen menukaart maar wij bieden u graag gerechten aan die wij die avond met uitsluitend verse ingrediënten voor u bereiden . Wij proberen daarbij zo veel mogelijk rekening te houden met uw wensen.
ristorazione Ristorante Fellini Modern Italian cuisine backed by generations of traditional family cooking ensures the multi-award winning restaurant retains its ever-growing popularity and credibility on the Gold Coast.