On a quiet street in Leicester, behind a discreet, dark green door you'll find a wonderfully friendly, vibrant restaurant serving some of the best traditional Italian food in the Midlands.

You've just discovered Casa Romana.


Once you’ve discovered Casa Romana, that’s it, you’ll be coming back for years, there’s just something about the honest food here, Italian through and through. Casa’s founder Roberto set the bench high back in the 1980’s when he first opened the discreet dark green door, and things haven’t really changed since.

It’s about simplicity at Casa Romana, using the best ingredients they can lay their hands on, they follow time honoured, Italian traditions and serve up the type of food you’ll come back for, time and time again.

The new owner, Francesco; Roberto’s protégé, took over Casa Romana in 2013 and has since proved himself to be a worthy ambassador of this wonderful Leicestershire establishment, he constantly surprises his customers with Venetian family tasty morsels, warm focaccias and if you ask him nicely, a mean scroppino.


Francesco cares about the wines at Casa Romana, I mean, he really cares. You'll find he's constantly on the lookout for the best vintages, stocking the ample shelves with his liquid treasures. Each and every wine is individually chosen to complement the real Italian food he serves, just as it should.

Francesco makes regular trips to his Venetian homelands in the search of new discoveries, he’ll spend endless hours discussing the wine's fine qualities, what’s more, he does this selflessly for his many contented customers and connoisseurs back home in England. Salute Franceso, grazie.

Leicester Regno Unito
Gran Bretagna

N. 8861

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