“CASCIA”è una Putìa gourmet enogastronomica inserita in uno dei contesti più barocchi d’Italia.

Solo con prodotti freschi ed in totale assenza di congelatori,Sette ragazze deliziano da poco più di un anno i propri commensali facendo scoprire loro sapori tradizionali ma in chiave rivisitata per un esperienza unica nel genere.

  CaScia Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 5
95121 Catania (CT)

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— Davide Grillo —


Italienischer Koch und Pizzabäcker
Davide Grillo ist am 27.05.1975 in Kalabrien (Italien) geboren. Davide's Vater Saverio ist auch Pizzabäcker. Bei Ihm sammelte er von klein auf Erfahrungen und fand hier die Leidenschaft für diesen Beruf. Auch Davide's jüngerer Bruder Giovanni arbeitet in der Pizzeria und setzt somit die Tradition der Grillo's als Pizzabäcker fort.

In den letzten 25 Jahren arbeitete Davide in Italien, Frankreich, den Niederlanden und Deutschland, in verschiedenen und auch eigenen Restaurants.

2015 übernahm er die August-Lämmle-Stube in Roßwag. Hier haben Davide und seine Frau Rosanna ihre Erfüllung gefunden und freuen sich auf weitere schöne Jahre in dem kleinen Weindorf.

2023 übernahm Davide die Pizzeria La Taverna von seinem Vater Saverio, die er im März 2023 eröffnet hat.

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Mangiare e Bere Zucchero & Pomodoro Q B
ristoranti RISTORANTE VOLARE - Chef Onofrio Maimone

It's a family thing.......

Volare Restaurants Ltd has been trading since 2007, and still improving the customer experience as the restaurant has been refurbished with a new suspended ceiling and a new bar... We always strive to give you the best Italian produce at  good value for money during these times of economic hardship. Partners and Hosts Onofrio Maimone and Cinzia Lopalco say "When you come to our place, we'll make all efforts to make sure you feel like you are on holiday in Italy for as long as your stay!".

Onofrio is from Sicily and has an extensive experience in catering. He's been working in the trade all his life and is the chef/proprietor of the establishment.

Cinzia is from Puglia and has been managing holiday farms, where she's learnt the trade and all the aspects of day to day running of kitchen and front of house. In the kitchen, Jason Maimone is our head chef in the kitchen and has followed in Onofrios footsteps and has learnt everything there is to know from his father, he is very talented, very motivated to keep high standards and eager to takeover one day along with his wife Victoria Maimone who is once again very talented in the front of house and she strives to make everyone feel welcomeand enjoy their meal or special occasions with us

At Volare, we have excellent food and a large Wine list to choose from. We source our ingredients locally and the rest is imported from Italy through a network of leading distributors.All this mixed with family style service gives you a true authentic taste of real Italy!