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ristoranti Ristorante Dolce Vita
In 1991, Azerbaijan regained its state independence, becoming the successor to Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, which existed for almost two years. The sovereign Republic restored its ancient glory of the independent state with the outstanding heritage, rich natural resources, and age-old traditions.

The private sector developed rapidly. While some built the initial assets, others tried to turn the capital into the “Paris of the East” In 1996, the first Italian restaurant opened in the building where Mikhaylovskaya Street rows used to be. The name “Dolce Vita” was chosen - reminiscent of the famous film by Federico Fellini.

It was during this time in the 1950’s, that the diverse city of Baku wanted to become as stylish and international as Rome – and restaurants quickly became fashionable, enriching all corners of society.

The restaurant was managed by a politician and public figure, the captain of legendary “Guys from Baku” KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive) team Anar Mammadkhanov.

Only high-level Italian chefs worked at “Dolce Vita”, the administration was carried out by Turkish specialists with rich experience in the service sector. Later they were replaced by local managers, among whom was Elchin Azizov - another member of KVN team, and now a soloist at the Bolshoi Theatre.

Foreign companies and diplomatic missions in Azerbaijan had an unwritten rule: lunch or dinner at “Dolce Vita” was mandatory for newly arriving employees. There was a special dress code at evening sittings and the first four years advanced bookings were required - at least one day in advance and three days - for weekend. The Italian chef was originally from Bologna, which is famous for its cuisine and all the waiters of “Dolce Vita” had to pass a three-month course before starting work.

Any journey in history, even the most beautiful and unique one has its ups, its downs and ultimate ending. But events can also move in a spiral pattern, returning to its starting point. And with that, today the new hotel Boutique 19 and a restaurant of Italian cuisine under the same name – “Dolce Vita” are located here in this building!

The traditional family feast (whether lunch or dinner) has played a central role in Italian society for centuries and still does to this day. A typical Italian meal consists of a first course il primo (pasta, rice or similar), a second-course il secondo (meat or fish) served together with a side dish il contorno (vegetable or salad) and fruit. A selection of cheese, vegetables, herbs, olive oil and bread is also available on the table and at the end of the meal everyone usually drinks coffee.

The Italian restaurant Dolce Vita reopened its doors for residents and guests. The founders of this cozy establishment are also faithful to the tradition of large feasts and parties. The management are always pleased to see loving couples, travelers, businessmen and women as well as single guests - but the true challenge arrives when a large party of family or friends come to the eatery for a grand feast or celebration!

The balanced approach of the Baku Hospitality Group company is also reflected in the pricing policy of the restaurant. They are convinced that Italian food should not be expensive, while at the same time it does not affect the quality of the products and authenticity of the dishes. Thanks to the open kitchen layout guests are able to watch the theatrical performance of the chefs cooking an exciting variety of tasty Italian dishes.

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