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ristoranti Caesar Italian Restaurant

Julius Caesar Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria was established in 2006 by Italians, to offer the people of Gravesend an authentic Italian taste.  Since July 2017, the company that manages Caesar is investing many thousands of pounds in building a solid, respected reputation based on the principles of superior authentic Italian food like Fior di latte Mozzarella, Caputo flour and 24 days hung meat

What we have done – that you may not see is – New air-conditioning, new full electrical lighting, cold room and new tables and chairs, all new crockery and glasses

What is coming – Full Neapolitan pizza oven, specially made for Caesar, all new equipment in the kitchen.

Please let us know that you would like to see done, so that you can enjoy your experience in Caesar even more.

Caesar’s has a wide ranging menu, which appeals to all types of taste buds. The restaurant offers a good selection of fish and meat dishes plus a variety of vegetarian dishes all cooked fresh to order. Additionally, Caesar prides itself on offering the finest authentic Italian food at its very best with a variety of homemade pizza and pasta dishes. You can be rest assured that every dish is made meticulously using only the finest fresh Italian ingredients.

In addition to the comprehensive menu, Julius Caesar Italian offers an excellent selection of Italian wines and liqueurs, as well as all known alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. Combine this with quality bar service, and you can be rest-assured that your every need will be met. So, Whether you are after a light lunch, a family occasion, a romantic evening meal or simply somewhere to relax and enjoy the real taste of Italy, you can be certain that Caesar restaurant will meet your every need for a very memorable dining experience … Buon Appetito!

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Derrière l'église de Waterloo, l'Italie au menu chez CIAO PIZZA! Pas de chichis, pas de superflu dans l'assiette. Éloge à la simplicité!

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