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Italian craftsmanship met Russian creative intellect, resulting in a set of extraordinary designs by Marina Putilovskay, one of the most notable interior designers in Russia. Mechini’s MP Collection is the highest expression of two artistically celebrated cultures coming together to create the ultimate masterpiece.
Marina Putilovskaya graduated from Strogonovka Russian University of Art, her major being Interior Art. She was the first Russian designer to be appointed as Art Director at Trueggelmann, a prestigious interior design company in Germany.
Marina designs living spaces just as an artist paints a picture: each piece of her work is unique, and you can easily recognise her trait.
She designs private interiors as well as public spaces, amongst which are a number of renowned restaurants across Europe. Some names are Palazzo Ducale, Imperial hunting, Club T, The Temple of The Dragon, The White Sun of the Desert», Ki­Ka­Ku, and lately she took care of re­thinking the second floor and one of the verandahs at Mario.
In 2010, her studio Marina Putilovskaya’s Design Bureau was selected to design the patriarch residence in St. Danilov Monastery.
Days of Marina Putilovskayawas a three day event that she organised during the 2011 edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, held every year in Milan. It was a great opportunity to showcase her work in partnership with some high profile Italian firms: Mechini, Jumbo Collection, Riva and Boiserie Italia. In this occasion Marina introduced herself and her work to the Italian public for the very first time.
Today Marina Putilovskaya’s Design Bureau has work commissioned from all over Europe, especially from Italy, France, Germany, Monaco, UK and Ukraine.
Personality of the likes of Gusinsky, Berezovsky, Dyachenko, Winer, Tabakov, Kurbatskaya, Novikov and Hait became regular clients over the years, and most of them are now also her close friends.

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