This traditional Italian restaurant, reputed as “A village restaurant in the heart of London”, prides itself on its 'family run' feel yet maintains an air of professionalism when it comes to the service and the authenticity of the food.

It feels like home – if Italy is where you're from. It offers the kind of meals a mother would be proud
of. The decor creates an intimate ambience with antique furniture and pictures making it an ideal
business venue at lunch and perfect for a romantic dinner ‘a deux' by night.
Patrons who can be found here are a host of regulars, celebrities, tourists on the trail to and from
the nearby British Museum and theatre luvvies.
The regulars are a-plenty, for the place tends to bring you back, just like Rome's Fontana di Trevi.
Menu highlights include Insalata di granchio con scampi, Risotto salsiccia e Barolo, Pappardelle
anatra e salvia, Whole Grilled Seabass, a Prime Scottish Beef Fillet with Blue Cheese and the
traditional Tiramisu which is a must to try. But don't worry, if your favourite dish is not there, Our
senior chefs are more than happy to accommodate your request !
We cater for any occasion and up to 35 people on our private room.
This is the place where you can enjoy a relaxing evening out. In fact, you will relax so much you
won't want to leave !

  DA PAOLO RESTAURANT 3 Charlotte Place
11 Westminster London
Gran Bretagna

N. 4174

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