Authentic Italian Experience Since 1926

The network of BiCE restaurants spanning the world today began in 1926 in Milan. Beatrice Ruggeri 'BiCE to her family and friends' was known for her extraordinary hospitality and personal warmth. For years she was encouraged to open her cucina to the public. In 1926 she agreed, albeit reluctantly, and a neighborhood trattoria:'loosely translated, a friendly gathering place' was opened. With Bice in the kitchen and her brothers and sisters serving in the dining room, Il Ristorante da Gino e Bice, or BiCE as it would later be known, had a family feeling. The first customers said it was like to being at the home of a friend, as BiCE hoped they would. Bice Ruggeri was now a recognized Milanese restaurateur, her sons, Remo and Roberto, have been taking the steps to extend her vision throughout the world.

In the end a meal is not just about the food and wine, but about the experience.
At BiCE we try to make this experience and exceptional one for our guests. Our Excecutive Chef Massimo Pisati pays special attention to every last culinary details beginning with only the freshnest market ingredients combined with the culinary techniques needed to produce an extravagant meal. Every meal brings you on an adventure of different flavor combinations that indulge the palette and spark the soul.
Buon Appetito!!!

Luca Di Falco - Managing Partner

  BICE RISTORANTE 300 5th Ave S Naples FL 34102
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N. 8382

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