In summer 2007 we started the Cafe - Restaurant - Pizzeria ¨Anagennisis¨, located in Koronos Naxos a beautiful village 30 klm from the island's main city.

First we used the title ¨Castro Koronou¨ taken from the local area called Castro (Castle) where our restaurant is seated. Soon we realised that a special place that is addressing to the public, should have his own personal identity.

So it wasn't so hard to choose your title ¨Anagennisis¨ which in Greek means Renaissance, because in the 1980's the same store used to be a traditional cafe. We renovated the store completely so it can be re-born again. Beside that we believe that our "suggestion" is a real renaissance idea in our area tourist attraction.

In Cafe - Restaurant - Pizzeria ¨Anagennisis¨ tradition meets the future and combined with tasteful suggestions makes it an exciting experience. Our enterprise stands for its friendly prices, excellent service and high quality dishes combined with the stunning unobstructed views of the Naxos Mountains, the lovely picturesque houses and the infinite blue of the Aegean Sea.

Also, we have created a special place where the discerning traveler can supply traditional Naxos products such as jams, preserves, liqueurs, folk art and many others.

The Cafe - Restaurant - Pizzeria ¨Anagennisis¨ is open daily, from April to October and can also be leased for social events.

  ANAGENNISIS Koronos Village
84302 Naxos Island

N. 4985

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