“Valmalenco Alpina”: a child’s dream becomes true on top of the world mountains


VALMALENCO ALPINA was born in the heart of the Lombard Alps. This reality stands on an essential and unavoidable love for mountains, which is necessary to be a good mountain guide, as the society’s founde Ivan Pegorari tells us.

The unquestionable prerequisite of Ivan’s job is aiming to transmit passion. “Anyone is a unique person and is able to give something special to the others”: the opportunity that this Alpine guide seeks to offer to those who choose him as their guide is that of catching the beauty of a white and rock world.
Since 2005 “Valmalenco Alpina” makes this dream real by arranging different activities, from ice-climbing to ciaspolata (long excursions requiring particular snow shoes called “ciaspole”).
This project starts when Ivan climbs his first mountain. At the tender age of 8, during a trip organized by the parish’s oratory, he is climbing a glacier when, amazed by the incredible view, he asks his aunt what kind of job is that of the man who leads them.
The answer opens an entire world in Ivan’s mind and heart, so that he stated “I’ll be a Mountain Guide!”. It could have seemed the ephemeral enthusiasm of a boy, but this idea was actually destined to become true.


At 20 years of age Ivan moved his first steps towards his dream by joining Sondrio’s mountain rescue. Meanwhile he graduated in nursing and works at a clinic’s intensive care unit: here his passion for life and human contact are clear enough to everybody, so that it is not a surprise when Ivan decided to change his life forever at the age of 28.

He started off on the path to become a mountain guide. The presence of three dear friends played a key role in the scenery of his formation: Massimo Bruseghini – tragically passed away at the age of 33 – Luca Bricalli and Germano Miotti.


In order to be admitted you must pass a strict selection, based on the assessment of previously acquired skills and experiences on mountain ground.

Studies last 5 years at the end of which the mountain guide is competent enough to go through every mountain ground of the world: the Alpine guide is the only “mountain job” legally valid all over the world.

You can specialize on different subjects and “Valmalenco Alpina”‘s manager has obtained all of them: he studies snowfalls and their relative phenomena; he is an expert in canyoning and manual labor at high-altitude.



“Valmalenco Alpina”‘s activities are very different but all characterized by the presence of nature and motion: canyoning, free ski, ciaspolata, ice-climbing, trekking… Each one is structured on the ability and need of those who partake.

Basic activities such as ciaspolata, canyoning and trekking do not require specific abilities: they are normal excursions, suitable for every physique and age, so much so children and elderly people often join them.
Of course everything is accomplished in the highest safety, thanks to the attentive Alpine guide’s supervision.

Having an expert leading you on mountain paths is fundamental to live a carefree experience: you don’t have to excessively think about your safety; in this way more difficult activities such as ice-climbing, rock-climbing and free ski turn out to be a lovely aesthetic experience.


What matters is emotion: challenging body resistance comes second to the benefits you can achieve from such a unique experience. Enjoying breath-taking panoramas that you thought unreachable is one of the most beautiful sensations ever (just think about a nighttime “ciaspolata” under a glowing full-moon!)


Apart from standard activities, “Valmalenco Alpina” offers a vast range of journeys for each season: they combine a real journey’s adventure together with the alpine breath-taking experience: during the last years “Valmalenco Alpina” has taken its attendees to Lofoten Islands (Norway), Canada, Patagonia, Nepal and Morocco too: a range of travels that enrich the soul.

Thanks to his canyoning specialization, Ivan also arranges trips to seaside places such as Sardinia, destination of the summer project “Selvaggio Blu“: it combines canyoning with seaside excursions in the beautiful and rugged Sardinian landscape.

nepal  pegorarimarocco

Each travel has given Ivan the chance to grow: meeting peoples from different cultures and latitudes is something that changes the heart and the way you look at life: Patagonia’s deserted lands made him feel real solitude and a sense of immensity.
Africa and Kilimanjaro touched Ivan’s empathy for human beings and the Buddhist culture of Nepal– where he has helped to create a mountain rescue team on the slope of mount Everest – has changed him forever.

What keeps “Valmalenco Alpina” going is PASSION: this is the first thing that Ivan wants to infuse in those who decide to turn to him.


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