An incredible dinner in the name of experimental cuisine, under a thunderous sky


Trapani – Truth be told, our trip to Sicily didn’t start off on the right foot! Apart from the unbelievable vicissitudes that threatened our flight (a lightning hit the wing of our plane, triggering a domino effect of delays), we successfully landed on the western coast of Sicily, and were warmly welcomed by the typical Sicilian scent and hospitality.

Unique kindness and vitality combine with intense scents and aroma, which are typical of the Sicilian spirit and pleasantly surprise visitors.

Eccellenze Italiane’s Editor-in-chief Carlo Vincenti, along with Engineer Silvia Capaldi’s sommelier experience, has been cheered up and profusely fed with the excellent courses of one of Trapani’s most prominent restaurants.

Osteria I Vitelloni is located in Trapani main street Corso Vittorio Emanuele: here, Sicilian tradition combines with Chef Gianni Zichichi‘s love for innovation, who meticulously selects high quality ingredients to create original juxtapositions.🍴 🎨

vitelloni-lasagnettaHere follows Engineer Capaldi’s review about this lovely supper:

“The name Zichichi always reminded me of Science and Physics.

From my trip to Trapani on, though, it will also mean Gianni: famous physician Antonino Zichichi’s thrice removed nephew, he inherited his kinsman’s aptitude for science and constantly puts it in his tasty courses. Gianni is chef of “I Vitelloni” restaurant where, due to its flawless service, it is possible to find a conspicuous turnout at 1 p.m. as well as at 11 p.m.

Zichichi’s seafood dishes totally bewitched me, especially when paired with a bottle of rare Microcosmo, a delicious wine produced with two Sicilian vine varieties, Perricone and Nerello Mascalese…

I suppose that’s enough to surrender to the warm charm of Sicily! And I’m sure that after such a supper, even a tipsy Pirandello would remove one of his masks, or a pleased Zeno would lit his last cigarette…”. 

Finally, we owe a special mention to Maître Filli, who kindly took care of us and patiently dealt with the continue delays of our arrival. 🙂
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