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The Anti-Counterfeiting ID protects your Job

Eccellenze Italiane tutela il tuo lavoro con la vetrofania anticontraffazioneDecal sample – Click here to see the Certificate

Today more than ever Made in Italy plays a leading role in the market scene, and that’s the reason why it should be protected by all means.
Thanks to its 500.000 visits per month, effectuated through main browsers such as Google, Eccellenze Italiane International Circuit stands out as reference point on what concerns certifications of excellence and promotion of professionalism.
Eccellenze Italiane can currently boast more than 6000 businesses operating in a vast number of sectors: food and wine production, accommodation, craftsmanship, fashion, interior design, technology, services and more.
Everyday many enterprises adhere to the Anti-counterfeiting campaign and benefit from the privileges that only Registro Eccellenze Italiane (Italian Excellence Registry) can grant, such as increasing of the businesses’ visibility and reputation (click here to get further information) on Internet and the possibility to verify in real time the actual correspondence of Anti-counterfeiting IDs.
After a meticulous evaluation of the businesses’ quality, IDs are released by the Editorial Committee of Eccellenze Italiane, then are displayed as decals on the Affiliates’ shop windows and printed on the Excellence Certificate.
You can find the RIA (ID Anti-Counterfeiting Registry) on the right column of this same page and verify if the products you’re looking for are inserted.
If your Company owns the needed requisites to obtain our Italian quality brand, you can click here to request the Anti-Counterfeiting ID, to get the Eccellenze Italiane Registered trademark.
For further information, contact us at info@eccellenzeitaliane.com