Request your own Anti-Counterfeiting ID

Fill in the following form to certificate that your company is endowed with the features required by REI, in order to obtain an Anti-Counterfeiting ID.
The ID will be printed on the certificate and on the decal, and subsequently delivered to your company.

Clicking on this link, you will be able to find the proper form for your kind of business, while clicking here you will find a list of examples of codes needed for the insertion of REI trademark and your ID in webpages and websites.

After your submission, the editorial staff will contact you as soon as possible.

* Full name of the owner (or appointed person):

* Company name:

* Address:

* District:

* Zip Code:

* Province initials:

* Product category:

* Reference e-mail:

* Telephone:

* VAT number:

* Tax code:


IBAN code (if customer of the Shop):

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Certified e-mail:

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PDF or image Request for certificate form:

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Ticking the blank box you legally state that your company respects all the requisites that we require for subscription, accepts the legal notice, terms of use and privacy policy, and not to state falsehood.
At the same time, you allow us to publicize your data.

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