Eccellenze Italiane’ Seals, the brand that makes the difference

The campaign for the assignment of Eccellenze Italiane’s Seals (adhesive stamps) obtained the consensus of both market and business community because of its enormous contribution – more than 800 thousand food and wine specialties – to the promotion of Made in Italy quality.

Even the finest of crafted products is doomed to remain addressed only to the chosen few, if there are no effective communication strategies to enhance them.

Eccellenze Italiane’s hallmark, officially registered by Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico, Ufficio Brevetti e Marchi (nr. of Registration 0001647672, 22nd September 2015) addresses to those businesses that want to network in order to protect tradition and originality from the Italian sounding phenomenon, the actual blight that each year causes the loss of several billions of Euros in our economy.

Besides sticking Eccellenze Italiane’s Seal onto products and their packaging, you can also stick it to your restaurant’s menus, so that it would be immediately visible that yours is a business of excellence.