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How do we relate to institutions?

REI verifies all quality requisites of Italian businesses.
We select them in order to please our visitors’ standards of research, which are constantly increasing and recently amounted to 6 million per year. REI is a private company aiming to protect the label of Italian businesses that wish their name to gain more visibility.

We offer to the Italian quality businesses the virtual space necessary to show their decal, bond, Anti-Counterfeiting ID, and work together with them to improve their relationship to clientele.

If your aim is that of joining the international market – our only operating sector – REI is the best company to rely on.

REI does not offer acknowledgements as an end in themselves: our goal is to find Italian excellences and promote them thus to reach the best outcomes for our partners and their business.

Italy abroad, Queen of the World

We work to let you be known around the world

REI’s policy concerning the promotion and sale of services and products is that of turning toward the international market, thus to meet its long-lasting interest on Italy’s renowned excellence.

This portal aims to point out the presence of REI in the areas where the Italian quality is more attracting. That’s why we are working to offer a multilingual version of our website!

Tell us where you want to go, we lead the way!

What should you do to collect graphic and printed material from REI website? Codes and images are available at the Logo page.

What is our task?

REI job

REI has been actively operating on the web for more than a decade, since it foresaw the importance of defending Italian products from the more and more spreading market of counterfeiting. As expert on business data processing, REI is able to guarantee the efficacy and veracity of our country’s visibility on the web, in order to ease its position in the global market that everyday turns more and more structured and wide-spread.

Simultaneously, REI makes Italian quality stand out by displaying our acknowledgements of Excellence on the profile of your company (decal and certificate).

Thus the quality of Italian products, technology, fashion, craftsmanship, hospitality and other services can emerge and restrain forgery at the same time. This is also possible thanks to the constantly increasing number of unique accesses per year on REI network (more than 5.000.000).