“Oh Gio!”, pastry art of excellence in Umbria


Gourmands meet their match at “Oh Gio!” pastry shop.
Since 2011 Giovanni Grimaldi and his team create delicacies to eat and look at. From petit fours to customized cakes, “Oh Gio!” stands out for its reliability, accuracy and devotion.


Giovanni casually met his passion for pastry in 1987, while he was waiting for a mechanical job vacancy.
He started as a shop boy in Salerno, then kept improving his confectioner skills when he and his family moved to Perugia: about four years later he found employment as cake-maker at “Piselli’s”, one of the most important confectionery factories in Umbria. Here Giovanni’s technique improved exponentially.


After 10 years of experience, Giovanni starts off again at “Santino’s”: thanks to this trusting family, he got the opportunity to work according to his own inspiration and sense of taste, so that he got to know his personality better and better. This is what helped Giovanni decide to start a freelance career.

The dream came true when he opened his own pastry shop “Oh Gio!” in 2011. Giovanni says that small businesses like his require self-denial and efforts… but at the same time appease and make you feel like you succeeded in your life. Indeed customers notice that each pastry is made with love and precision, using only clean label products!


“Being a confectioner means to transform raw material into a new, beautiful creation” says Giovanni: this is how you get “Oh Gio!”‘s tasty mimosa cakes, mille-feuilles and the typical Easter pie of Umbria.

millefoglie mimosa

After years of teaching apprentices from Universita’ dei Sapori of Perugia, Giovanni has now come to an official collaboration with this institution, for which he is teaching the young and amateurs.


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