Palermo’s elegance in a … treasure chest!

Palermo is one of those cities which, as well as Russian dolls, keep surprising even when there seems to be nothing else left to be discovered. Instead, surprises never end for those who are patient enough to penetrate its Mediterranean soul.

Warm sun rays and the scent of sea breeze gently hug everybody, but only the foreign visitors who choose to avoid the hit-and-run mentality can really savor the treasures of this millennial land and repository of ancient knowledge.

It is in one of Palermo’s cultural driving forces, within walking distance of the Norman-Arab Castello della Zisa, that we discover the treasures of “Lo Scrigno dei Sapori”, settled in Piazza Principe di Camporeale. Here meet Sicilian tradition and international features, from which takes life a simple but healthy cooking, praised for its flawless service and the use of excellent raw materials.


At the same time restaurant, wine bar and pizzeria, “Lo Scrigno dei Sapori” is settled in an old, Liberty style building. The two founder families, Corvaia and Navarra, wanted their creation to be classy and romantic, distinguished for its attention to details, without renouncing a relaxing atmosphere.     

Maître Mr. Girolamo Navarra invited Eccellenze Italiane’s editorial staff to savor the philosophy  behind such a successful family-run business.

Let’s read his experience…

In its two-thousand years of life, Palermo stands out as a complex melting pot of peoples, cultures and different mentalities, which have been able to coexist over time. How does “Lo Scrigno dei Sapori” turn this fusion of experiences into reality? 
Lo Scrigno dei Sapori has a vast variety of typical Sicilian courses, which are deeply connected with the historical and cultural events of Sicily. Here we combine the ancient traditions of our generation with our chef’s experience and passion: the result is a diverse set of dishes characterized by Mediterranean flavors and aromas. The search for simplicity and elegance is what distinguishes the baroque style of our location, and it is specifically intended to enhance Sicilian gastronomical culture – the quaintest and most particular of the world.

Furniture and the architectural distribution of your rooms suggest good taste and a warm, homely atmosphere, and it is impossible not to notice the extreme care for details. Who had the sensibility to choose such an elegant combination of styles? 
The Artistic Director of our restaurant has meticulously chosen each detail and ornament: thanks to his great taste, he has been able to create a fusion of all styles that influenced our territory, particularly focusing on Baroque – XVIII century – that is most distinctive feature of the location’s mise en place.

The restaurant’s menu includes a fine variety of excellencies, both from the cultivation of earth and sea fishing. Can you tell us what your sources of supply are?
Faithful to its land, “Lo Scrigno dei Sapori” focuses on Sicilian agrifood products. In order to guarantee the local catch, we personally go to the little marinas by our shores and look for the best quality seafood. Furthermore, due to our inclination for agriculture, we try to source uniquely from local biological markets, so that we can guarantee the quality of our courses.

Now, let’s talk about your pizzas: should you choose 3 adjectives (or nouns) to describe their peculiarity, which ones would you pick and why?
Lo Scrigno defines its pizza in a thousand ways, but the most important ones are: tradition, because Sicilian ancient recipes are a quality assurance; colors, because “looks also count”; aromas, because they evoke the flavor of Sicily and invite to the tasting of dishes.

Your Wine Bar displays a choice of around 40 different kinds of wine. Which are the leading trends for 2016, and which the new culinary juxtaposition you are developing? 
Lo Scrigno’s wine cellars displays a vast range of wines, which are wisely matched with each course: since they are deeply rooted in our culture, our Maitre prefers Sicilian wines such as GrilloNero d’AvolaChardonnay, exclusively DOC and originating from Sicilian vineyards. Apart from local wines, our Wine Bar is also provided with several national wines. Our maitre will be at disposal to suggest the best wine to match with the dish you would like to taste.

“Lo Scrigno dei Sapori”‘s reputation has traveled around the world and gained prestigious acknowledgements even in the Far East. Which one of these awards was the most unexpected?  
Up to now we have collected numerous international acknowledgements: the most unexpected one was TripAdvisor‘s excellence certification, gained thanks to our loyal customers and their positive reviews. We are also proud of our Palermo’s Local Favorite 2015 Award, edited by The Culture Trip. At last but not least, the Top Choice Asiatico is our crown jewel: we gained it in 2015, when our culinary tradition has successfully landed abroad.


The professional yet hearty way you relate with your clientele has been able to establish a long list of loyal customers, coming from several different places… 
I am thankful that our customers appreciate the historical and cultural description of our courses and the consideration that our staff devotes to them. Each new and old customer who comes in “Lo Scrigno dei Sapori” feels at ease and enjoys to discover the culinary treasures we bring to the table.

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