Made in Italy Cosmetics: three prestigious realities


Italian cosmetics has reached and surpassed the amount of 10 billion euros: so has been reported by Cosmetica Italia center for studies, in cooperation with Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, which is in charge of the monitoring of beauty products purchases, online and offline.

Thanks to the upturn of sales channels, the export has gone beyond 3,8 billions, along with the growth of the internal market.
Italian SMEs have shown to be brilliant investors on the challenging field of technology, since online purchases have largely satisfied even the skeptics.

In this promising scenery, we recommend you those businesses that have achieved the Brand and Certification of Eccellenze Italiane.

2G Beauty Communications
Anti-counterfeiting ID n.2210
Among the leading businesses of cosmetics, 2G Beauty Communications counts about 450 clients on Italian ground, 50 of which are single franchise. This business pursues the communication of beauty through the use of natural cosmetics, only made in Italy, whose high quality assures long lasting results. The expert combination of raw materials which is carried out in our laboratories makes of 2G Beauty Communications a real Italian excellence: since March 2015, it cooperates with a project thought up in Ospedale San Raffaele (Milan), “Salute allo Specchio” (Health reflected in the mirror). This project offers a path to regain serenity and self-confidence to the female patients of San Raffaele’s oncology ward.          

Anti-counterfeiting ID n.5712

Chémeìa (from ancient Greek: alchemy, transformation), found in 1990, is a business specialized in phytocosmetics.

The creation and production of its exclusively Made in Italy products follow a cruelty-free policy.

The art of balancing and mixing components has its roots in the research of great masters such as Hippocrates, Paracelsus, Valnet and Tisserand. Creation, production, packaging and commercialization: each single step of Chémeìa products is regularly monitored and checked.

   Chémeìa avails itself of the innovative Braña Method, that originates from an integrated view of man – body, mind and environment related to each other – which can undergo physical, chemical and psychological negativity.        

Cosmoderma Commerciale
Anti-counterfeiting ID n.4514
Cherished and tested ingredients are what makes COSMODERMA one of the leading cosmetics companies of the Italian market. Founded in 1979 from chemist Dr. Vincenzo Speghini, the company addresses to a vast range of consumers and constantly strives to improve and broaden its horizons.

The company is situated in the hilly area of San Benedetto Val di Sambro, district of Bologna, and is surrounded by the vibrant green of vegetation, from which the staff draws inspiration. All products are designed to preserve the delicateness of skin and to enhance its natural beauty.

COSMODERMA believes in the culture of beauty and works to spread it.