“La Maisonette” – among Sabine mountains intimacy meets good food


Casaprota (RI) – Are you tired of reducing your tête à têtes with taste to dull, hit-and-run business lunches? Are you fed up with the frantic rhythm of city life?

For those who still believe in the convivial significance of meals, “La Maisonette” is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxed supper and a beautiful landscape.

Far from the urban chaos and a few minutes’ car ride from Rome, this lovely place is enhanced by the luxuriant surrounding land and a return to the principles of traditional cuisine.

Since June 2015, thanks to the innovative home restaurant method, La Maisonette warmly welcomes its customers, and turns their reservations in familiar experiences, in direct contact with the kitchen staff.

The restaurant is located in a suggestive, medieval hamlet of the X century, which can be visited during most of the year.
Clientele can always count on a vast seasonal menu including typical Roman courses which are enhanced by quality and healthiness of the exclusively local products.

Reservations in due time are required to give you the possibility to chose among the several alternatives possible, in order to let you personalize the meal as you prefer (always in accordance with the season, though).

La Maisonette is perfectly suitable for romantic, celebratory and informal dinners, and always reserves the possibility of making new acquaintances, due to its familiar and intimate atmosphere. It is an actual bet on territorial virtues and the importance of conviviality, a bet that aims to rediscover the values of the Italian table, where everyone sits and talks to each other while enjoying a tasty meal.


All of this sprouts from Mr. Francesco Mancino‘s love and passion, who came to a crucial point and decided to turn his life around, on both its professional and private aspect, reinvented himself and invested in his dream of devoting to healthy and good food. The fundamental ingredients of Mr. Mancino’s cooking are fresh-from-garden products, healthy and biological. Each dish – exclusively homemade – is a recollection of relaxing and familiar nuances… a true revival of the good old times!

ID Anticontraffazione conferito da Eccellenze Italiane n.6394

Via Garibaldi snc Casaprota (RI)
Info: 39 329 902 4470