I AM BAMBOO: from Angela Maria Marchetti’s initiatory journey springs the innovation of lifestyle

Can a journey change your life? Jack Kerouac was certain of it and so is Angela Maria Marchetti, who found in her exotic trip to Hawaii the launch pad for a successful business.

Walking through the forests of Maui, Angela Maria felt captured by the rustling of bamboo leaves, which aroused her creativity and suggested the hidden potential of an uncommon raw material.

Six years later, this incredible experience has turned into an innovative brand of clothing which blends practicality, softness, resistance and sustainability.


Sustainability is possible thanks to the special properties of bamboo: this evergreen plant releases oxygen 30% more than the average plant and its roots, apart from having a high rate of growth, are able to purify the surrounding water and humus.

After getting back to Italy, Dr. Marchetti didn’t waste her time and fully devoted herself to realize her dream: she focused all her previously gained knowledge on pioneering research and know-how, and in the pursuit of the best way to benefit from the several qualities of bamboo. This is the origin of an exclusive brand of clothing that perfectly knows how to cuddle your mind, body and soul.

The goal has been reached: I AM BAMBOO is now a clothing brand characterized by a personal and distinctive idea of lifestyle, which combines comfort, sustainability and quality.


I AM BAMBOO brand works in complete respect of our planet: bamboo fibers are, indeed, entirely biodegradable. Furthermore, the brand does not use bamboo varieties that provide a fundamental livelihood for pandas, so that their delicate ecosystem keeps being preserved.

Production and manufacture are entirely made in Italy and exclusively handcrafted. The specific techniques used in the modelling of products assure their resistance in time: the final result is the ideal product for yoga lovers who seek to combine leisure and comfort with sustainability; the perfect fabric for sportsmen who need to protect their bodily micro-climate from humidity; the answer to people suffering from allergies, since bamboo is anti-allergenic.

I AM BAMBOO has gained positive feed-backs thanks to its quality and essence: encouraged by such excellent results and looking forward to next year, Dr. Marchetti is planning the opening of new shops abroad, precisely in Alpine countries such as Switzerland, Austria and Germany.   

Eccellenze Italiane congratulates with I AM BAMBOO for its enthusiasm and dedication. We believe this kind of principles to be genuine and our point of view is confirmed by the look in Dr. Marchetti’s eyes.

We strongly encourage you to visit www.iambambu.com to get further information on the new collections.

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“Be as bamboo, hard and firm on the outside, soft and hollow on the inside. Its roots, firmly stuck into the ground, weave together with those of other plants to strengthen and support one another. The stalk bows and gently surrenders to the blowing wind. That which folds is far more hard to split” (buddhist saying).