Discovering Umbria: Corneli Family’s bio flavors


Umbria – Corneli Family has deep roots in San Vito in Monte, a lovely village situated between Perugia and Orvieto. For more than two centuries it has been an ideal place to cultivate cereals, legumes and olive trees.

What was meant to be a self-consumption business has easily become a family business, passing down through generations, led by passion, professionalism and the exclusively biological quality of products.

Today, Casa Corneli cultivates several varieties of olive trees, among which are moraiolo, frantoio and leccino: these kinds of trees are the typical ones which can be found on the Umbrian ground, and are characterized by very distinctive tastes and aromas.

The plantations produce two different olive oil qualities. One of them is “Luigi Corneli“, which bares the name of the forefather who started the plantation.
It is produced through the blending of three different varieties of olives, exclusively cultivated in the business territory. Its flavor is slightly fruity, spicy and agreeably bitter.


The extra virgin “Baccano” is an excellent example of Umbrian PDO olive oil and is cultivated on the hills of Orvieto. Its moraiolo quality has a high polyphenol content and its taste is spicy and bitter, as typical of the extra virgin variety.
But Casa Corneli goes beyond olive oil production: legumes are in fact a precious product and the perfect ingredient for Cornelis’ soups, Le Pinotte. Through this line of products, Casa Corneli attempts to recover the values of farm-to-table tradition and the deep connection between man and earth.

Legumes used in the preparation of Le Pinotte are free from preservatives and additives, since their cultivation follows the natural rhythm of seasons. Eccellenze Italiane foster those businesses which are committed to biological production and act in respect of our environment.
It is thanks to businesses like Casa Corneli that we are reminded of the importance of correct and genuine nutrition, which too often is sacrificed in the name of fast foods and frenetic lifestyle.

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