“Cinema du Desert”: two Italians strolling around the globe to spread culture and emotions

A 5 years travel long almost 56 thousand miles on the roads of Africa, Europe and Asia, on a “truck-turned-into-camping van” provided with solar energy panels: this is Davide and Francesca’s adventurous story, two young Italians who revolutionized their lives to start off a new path: “Cinema du Desert” travels the world on a movi(e)ng-theater to share the most marvelous cinematographic experiences.

This Italian couple’s mission addresses to Western metropolis as well as to rural villages of Third World countries, where nothing is expected, much less emotions.

“The vehicle we travel by is our cinema, our home, our office…” – the young couple says – “A guy once told us: You gave me the possibility to see things I never saw in my life: the sea, big cities…“.
Davide and Francesca show movies that always bare an encouraging message, they incite thinking and enrich consciousness. Man-nature relationship and resource exploitation are the prominent themes they offer.


Of course, there are also cartoons for children. Since 2009, this initiative has attracted an audience of more than 27 000 people, coming from Burkina Faso as well as from Siberia… an average of 40 -50 movies per year!

Whether you would like to help the crowdfounding campaign of this amazing initiative, here goes the website:  www.cinemadudesert.org