Artigiani Bottai, keepers of a 70 years old dream

“Where rough hands and a strong heart blend together with the fantasy of intellect, there blossoms the merest of ARTS…”

“Artigiani Bottai” shop in Marsala leads you back to a time when relationship between craftsmen and their products was exclusive. Today Casano family’s III generation keeps preserving this tradition, started in 1945 by forefather Mario.

The owner Mario is even younger than his grandfather at the time when he started off the business… yet his passion has remained the same. Each creation is made in accordance to the complex path of international manufacturing processes, from the seasoning and selection of staves to the placement of galvanized iron rings, and finally the finishing of each details.  

Over time, Casanos’ dynamic blending of tradition and innovation has become a renowned solution for stylish and original furniture, meant for both houses and pubs.

Anti-counterfeiting ID of Eccellenze Italiane n: 4803 e 4804