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Yummy sicilian gelato at ice-cream parlor “De Luca”


Since 1940, in Briga Marina (Sicily), the ice-cream parlorDe Luca” pleases fellow countrymen, foreigners, young and old thanks to its tasty gelato.
This family-run business stands out for its kind and competent staff, that provides an impeccable service and welcomes everyone with warmth and professionalism.
More than 50 different gelato flavors are what makes “De Luca” proud of the family name, together with the more than 10 granita flavors that have been praised by several online magazines and blogs.
There can also be found ice-cream cakes, seven veils, mattonella gelato cakes exquisitely handcrafted and characterized by classic or innovative flavors, according to what you prefer.

La Loggia del Chianti: the typical Tuscan flavors between innovation and tradition


Since 1987 “La Loggia del Chianti” keeps evolving its dishes, in the name of tradition and innovation. For about 30 years this family-run restaurant has been a must-try for every tourist visiting Radda in Chianti; opened in 1987 and moved in 2010, “La Loggia del Chianti” stands in front of the beautiful hills and green trees in the district of Siena.

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Irene’s childlike soul inspires “Favole di Ceramica”


Favole di Ceramica” (pottery tales) narrate the idiosyncrasy and mirth of being happy with life. To do so they turn themselves into different shapes – from paperweights to vases – in order to express love for creativity and simplicity.

Irene’s adventure starts about 10 years ago, when her working career unfortunately comes to a forced end. Ceramics had never been part of her life before that time, and when Irene touches it for the first time she feels something special: that flexible, moist, captivating material gives her the feeling that she has finally found what she was meant for: use her creativeness to share human warmth. After attending a course, Irene opens her own workshop in Formia, where she lives.


“La Fattoria”: breeders and butchers among tradition and innovation


Mr. Veneruso has run his butcher shop “La Fattoria” since 1989. This family business offers high-quality, certified meats of different kinds, and puts together a centennial tradition with innovation.

The name “La Fattoria” – “the farm” – comes from the Venerusos’ long experience as bovine breeders. Anciently there were stalls on the backside of the butcher shop, where animals were kept and feed. Then, in 1985, they had to move to the mountain of Alto Beneventano, where the air is healthier.

Excellent Confections, taste meets Made in Italy prestige


The finest Italian food and wine products seduce the market with their exclusive showcase.
Eccellenze Italiane offers the international gourmands and enthusiasts assorted confections of tastings among which stand out the specialties that our company network proposes: the result is a circuit full of brilliant ideas, where fairs, conferences, vernissages and previews offer as ideal place to combine special tastings with the launching of the brand.
This is an excellent opportunity for businessmen to enrich their extensiveness on penetrating the local realities, as well as to loyalize new kinds of clientele.


“Oh Gio!”, pastry art of excellence in Umbria


Gourmands meet their match at “Oh Gio!” pastry shop.
Since 2011 Giovanni Grimaldi and his team create delicacies to eat and look at. From petit fours to customized cakes, “Oh Gio!” stands out for its reliability, accuracy and devotion.