“Peppe and Nino”, the best choice to taste traditional Trapani cuisine

Trapani – The typical Sicilian home cooking finds its ideal place at pizza-restaurant “Peppe and Nino“, keeper of local traditional cuisine. A ’70s place, located in the lush vegetation of Sicilian countryside, this cozy pizza restaurant is in the center of a touristic and cultural path within the district of Trapani.

forno legna“Peppe and Nino” comes from two good friends‘ bet made 10 years ago. They got into business together to give their customers the possibility to taste the real home cooking with which they grew up. Today the place is well known and appreciated by those who look for truly typical dishes, and “Peppe and Nino” ‘s represent the unfailing warmth and dedication of their creators. 

The courses are generous and tasty, so much so no one is ever disappointed. “Peppe and Nino” work all year to please its clientele, especially during the summer nights, when the countryside cools down and turns the evening hours into an idyllic moment.
The pizza-restaurant never runs out of customers – tourists, foreigners and locals – because of its staff and service’s reputation. The menu, which is available online and displays all sorts of delicious dishes, offers different solutions: “pizza menu”, “Pecorella menu”, “fish menu”, “buffets menu” and a special “gluten-free menu“.


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The ingredients only come from the district of Trapani and, when possible, from Buseto Palizzolo which is the very place where “Peppe and Nino” stands: vegetables and cheese are chosen with particular care in order to guarantee their quality and freshness.

Pizzas are among the most appreciated dishes, customers always come back after having tasted one! More than 30 different combinations of seasoning, on top of a dough made with durum wheat flour, everything baked in the big wood-fired oven. Pizzas are full of flavor and ingredients, as well as of love- which is considered the base of pizza baking.

Starters are another must: ricotta of Sicily, tripe, Primo sale cheese, cured meats and “cabbuci“, the typical pizza-bread.

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Among the most popular dishes there are Trapani pesto, roasted duck leg, coniglio lardiato, aberdeen angus meat steak and Florentine steak, cassatelle in brodo – handmade pasta and broth. Everything can be combined with a vast arrangement of wines and spirits such as the Sicilian icons Nero D’AvolaZibibbo and Marsala“Peppe and Nino” stand out for its use of cicerchia, which is a very rare legume, similar to chickpeas but tastier and rich in iron.

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