Norcia’s black truffle meets the art of chocolate with “Vetusta Nursia”


Family business “Vetusta Nursia“, born in 1988 in Norcia, is the dream come true of a man and his undying love for chocolate that captivates those who taste his bonbons.
Mr. Gabriele Verucci’s love for chocolate started when he was a young orphan living in a boarding school: he used to see his friends’ parents give chocolate to their sons as a gift, and this made him feel sorry for his situation. Chocolate started to symbolize parental affection and proximity.
Apart from the melancholic aspect of the story, chocolate kept holding attraction on Mr. Verucci, who was able to find hope and determination in this very thought.


Once married, the opening of a chocolate factory did not seem mere fantasy anymore: Mr. Verucci took his decision and started his own independent business.
Even though his family was not sure that it was going to be a nice idea, Verucci’s prevision revealed to be successful: apart from truffles and salami, Norcia revealed to be a nice place for a chocolate factory.

Mr. Verucci’s daughter, Arianna, tells us that her father always worked passionately and tirelessly: he has always been able to feel amazed by little things, that’s how he has been able to take even daring decisions.

One example is that of Cioccolatino al Tartufo Nero di Norcia (Black Truffe of Norcia). The idea came one day when Mrs. Verucci put both chocolate and truffles inside the fridge: their scents mixed together and the result was a tablet of chocolate tasting like truffle! Mr. Verucci was enthusiastic about it and decided to produce and sell it: nowadays it is one of Norcia’s symbols.

The chocolaterie‘s production keeps going great.
Mrs. Arianna runs the factory – now modernized and enlarged – sharing the same passion which characterized her father’s work. She tells us that since the invention of truffle-chocolate their philosophy kept looking for innovation: that’s how we get to the Maya Collection, still growing since 2011.

maya  maya2

It started with only 4 different choco-tablets, and now it counts more than 20 different flavors! The cocoa powder used to make these tablets comes from Peru, Mexico, Island of Java, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Sao Tome’, Venezuela… each of them has a different percentage of cocoa, cocoa butter and milk.
Even in this case the idea has come from Mr. Verucci’s attention to details: when he received a delivery of cocoa powder of a slightly different color instead of the usual one, he thought about using several varieties of cocoa to let his clients experiment all chocolates of the worl: once again Mr. Verucci’s ideas take advantage from every situation, always aiming to transmit some human warmth… along with some fats to burn!


The boundaries of taste expand more and more in “Vetusta Nursia”: clients are delighted by the latest news.
We are talking about two kinds of chocolate tablets: the first one is covered with dark chocolate and filled with chocolate custard and Sicilian candied oranges.
The second one has got a different filling made of chocolate custard and salted cereals, whose flavor agreeably contrasts with the strong one of dark chocolate.

Eventually, there are healthy new coming from the laboratory: an entirely vegan truffle praline, thought for lactose intolerant and animal lovers!
This idea wants to extend the delicious experience of tasting chocolate as much as possible, so that everyone can enjoy “Vetusta Nursia” ‘s sweet creations.

ID Anticontraffazione di Eccellenze Italiane n. 380