Made in Italy leather turned into treasure thanks to “Al Rubi”


In the center of Turin stands “Al Rubi” boutique of handmade hides and skins. Since 1954, this atelier turns animal skins into exquisitely crafted works of art.
Dedication and extreme care are what distinguish Al Rubi’s bags, wallets and belts, which bare the unique touch and high quality of crafted products.
Founded during the postwar by forefather Attilio, this atelier has gathered a reasonable number of loyal clients, who know they can relay on Al Rubi’s professionalism and fine work.
The passing down of this tradition has successfully reached the IV generation, and it is what makes the current owner, Mr. Alessio Colecchia, a passionate artisan and experienced connoisseur of the leather industry.

With enthusiasm he tells us how he used to observe his grandmother’s foot press and release the pedal of the sewing machine. Today it’s him who uses that same machine, apart from the motorized pedal – to realize his products, which embody the essence of tradition and taste, two main ingredients that persist in time.

La macchina per cucire a braccio di nonna Adriana

Grandmother Adriana’s old sewing machine.

Mainly addressed to a middle-upper clientele, “Al Rubi” traces high quality materials to realize one-of-a-kind items, in order to obtain the same detailed and original features that are typical of tailoring.

Haute couture items are implemented in the adjacent workshop, and draw inspiration from both the latest trends and the unforgettable classics (as the beloved Kelly Bag by Hermes, designed for Grace Kelly in the 50s).

“Al Rubi” follows the main guidelines but at the same time stands out thanks to its meticulous selection of materials: indeed the hides it uses often surpass the quality of those used by the big brands.

Le cuciture a macchina manuale.

Skins are exclusively derived from breeding colonies of calf, leather, python, ostrich, iguana, crocodile and alligator. The skins are strictly worked in Italian territory and present a vast color range, which clients can choose along with the model they prefer.
Calf and leather skins are the softest and most comfortable to carry, mainly used to realize haversacks and general waist bags for youngsters. Python skins are more fanciful with their shining hues and are only taken from Italian tanneries.
Ostrich skins – only home-bred ones –  have a particularly soft tanning, far more appreciated from that of the Australian ostrich. As for crocodiles, in “Al Rubi” atelier you can find two different kinds of skin: the one of the Alligator Mississipiensis – native of the namesake river in Louisiana – and characterized by a particular sparkle, while the Niloticus – crocodile of the Nile – is more opaque and as soft as Napa leather.

Micro pochette e micro bauletto in pitone rosa e fucsia

Clutch and micro boston bag in pink and fuchsia python.

Matelasse' interamente realizzato a mano

Entirely handcrafted matelasse’.

Mr. Colecchia, always informed about the latest trends, has been able to realize haversacks, shopping bags, clutches, boston bags and a lot more items. To guarantee classy and stylish features, though, he skillfully moves through great classics and innovation, but always heads for his first target: creating something of unique kind and quality.

Among “Al Rubi”‘s items are the ones addressed to a male clientele: wallets and belts are realized on the base of the customer’s preferences (a certain number of pockets and openings for coins, credit cards etc.).

Shoulder bags, duffle bagsbriefcases in ostrich and crocodile skin, haversacks for the young.


Collaboration with architect and designer Hussain Alì Harba Abbass for his personal collection of briefcases and accessories.

Recently the atelier has been working with the Iraqi architect and designer Hussain Ali Abbass Harba, well-known in Turin; the workshop is currently producing a new line, entirely designed by the architect, that will be realized by the expert hands of Mr. Colecchia.

Eventually, “Al Rubi” products will soon be purchasable on Amazon: these fine bags will be able to bring the Italian spirit abroad.

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