“Lusna Studio” turns your precious moments into photographic works of art


Dedication, artistic research and innovation are the base on which “Lusna Studio” has founded its excellence as the only photographic reality on Italian territory to be a photographic atelier too. After more than 5 years of professional formation, photographers Anna Sara Mastrini and Angelo Marchetti decided to consecrate their career to the idea of photography conceived as a form o visual art to rediscover and promote. Their professional philosophy stands on the high quality of artisan prints, exclusively implemented with Fine Art paper, which is certified and superior to that used in the realization of photo-books.
“Lusna Studio” guarantees services such as Wedding Photoreportage, Wedding Cinema, Fine Art Prints and Photo Restoration. Everyone of these services is the result of an accurate elaboration operated in the name of the artistic ideal of “Lusna Studio”.

Photography is the most precious thing that remains after the nuptial day: this is why Sara and Angelo focus all their attention and technique on the best realization of photos and prints. These products have to be proper treasures, able to recall the very same sensations experienced in those unique moments of happiness. Being aware to have the best photo-experts at your side on the most important day of your life will give you the comfort to live it at best and without any worry.
“Lusna” is ready for any consultation during the entire period that precedes and follows the great day. Photographic atelier “Lusna” tells engaging stories of real feelings by catching the perfect moment to stop and keep them safe in time.


The atelier is divided into office space and workshop. Among the characteristics that enhance Lusna’s work there is complete autonomy and craft: once the assignment is taken Sara and Angleo put all themselves to end in great care and attention to details. Before starting the project, “Lusna Studio” accurately selects the best materials. Everything is made in Italy, except for the paper, which comes from the same prestigious paper factor that supplies the Louvre for its artistic reproductions.

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“Lusna Studio” makes photographic reportages for weddings, since this is the most wanted kind of service, but Sara and Angelo also share deep experience on other kinds of celebrations, such as Baptisms, First Communions and coming-of-age birthdays. For any kind of event, the clientele can count on the professionalism and high quality of the “Lusna” team, always flawless and elegant.

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