The authenticity of tradition in Frantoio Gentili’s olive oil


Since 1820, in Farnese, the olive oil mill “Frantoio Gentili” has produced on olive oil that tastes of Mediterranean Sea.
The forefather Giovan Battista started to produce this genuine product with the only aid of grindstones, pulled by his donkeys. Nowadays this family business has come to the V generation of olive growers, and the latest technologies that permit to stick to tradition without waste of time.
The current owner, Mr. Romolo Gentili, is devoted to the patrimony of knowledge that his relatives passed down to him. What keeps him going is the same passion and devotion of his father and grandfather put in their work.


Olives are selected only from the local cultivation, so that they all have the typical taste that Alta Tuscia Laziale’s ground gives to its products.

Once the harvest has been completed, “Olio Gentili” is produced within 24 hours so that it keeps fresh and unaltered. Processing techniques are possible thanks to a zero emissions photovoltaic system and are: washing, pressing, braking, squeezing, parting and storage.

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The result of this process gives four different products: the “Fruttato“, a fruity oil ideal for fries; the “Verdone” is the best option for barbecues; the “D.O.P. Canino” is thought for vegetables; the “Biological” differs from the other because it only comes from biological agriculture: it is pressed within a minimum of 6 hours and a maximum of 12 hours after the harvest and before being pressed it requires the washing of machines in order to prevent its mixing with other oils.


Even though “Olio Gentili” is totally produced on the soil of Viterbo, it is widely appreciated abroad. Since 2013 “Frantoio Gentili” exports its olive oil to business of Miami, Japan, China, Austria and Germany, but also to some private buyers who are eager to dress their dishes with a healthy product.
Thanks to its presence on E-commerce, “Olio Gentili” is acquiring more and more customers on the foreign trade, who after the taste fall in love with it and don’t want to try another one.

In July, as it has been done in May, Frantoio Gentili’s customers will be able to benefit from a special discount on orders exceeding 20 l: an opportunity to grab in order to have a wholesome product to make your meal complete!

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