Santa Maria La Palma wins first place at Berliner Wein Trophy 2016

Congratulations to Cantina Santa Maria La Palma of Alghero for gaining with its flagship Aragosta Vermentino di Sardegna Doc 2015 the prestigious Berliner Wein Trophy 2016‘s first place. About 5.785 prestigious wines competed for this international contest’s award. Selection – strictly based on quality – lasted 4 days and was implemented by 185 particularly inflexible judges, along with officials from Oiv and Uioe.
Anti-counterfeiting ID of Eccellenze Italiane n.6027


“Santa Maria la Palma has no count, baron or marquis. There are only farmer and winemaker families.

Fifty years ago these people were assigned wastelands of Alghero. These people were not endowed with prestigious family goods; instead they valued the strength of the arms, straight posture, passion and values.

Together they turned over the land and planted stumps into the soil. Together they harvested, they built a cellar. Earth, sun, sea: the land they worked was destined to wine growing.

They sorted vine varieties, some of which famous some others almost forgotten yet delicious like nectar, like the most beautiful of hidden treasures.

We still work like that, 326 partners.

We are the offspring and nephews of those who hoed this ground first, with their own hands. It’s how we found nobleness lies in work and its products.”