The top of jewelry manufactures in goldsmith Laura Balzelli’s precious creations


Personal quest and experience blend together to form a proper mother lode consisting of the valuable jewelry creations designed by Laura Balzelli. These pieces are priceless and one of a kind: precious metals – among which gold undoubtedly stands out – are worked and refined with fantastic decorations in the workshop next door.

campanula iris

After decades of experience in the field of fashion and jewelry, Mrs. Balzelli decided that it was time for her to follow her own taste and lead her own career path: her longstanding skills and her genius. Her jewels are exquisitely crafted, unique works of art that stem from an original and unconventional talent, and are specifically realized to please the customer: 100% handcrafted, these little treasures are never static as metals usually are, but are assembled together in order to be movable.
Laura Balzelli’s bijoux are inspired y architecture, art and nature: winding floral patterns, bright coral octopus adorn brooches, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

giunca opale

In addition to gold and its different hues, there can also be found silver and platinum jewels. Gemstones, so rare that specific researches are required to obtain them, are skillfully attached to metal: coral from the Mediterranean Sea and from Japan, Arizona turquoise, Australian azurite, diamonds, pearls and opals.
Atelier Balzelli’s creations bare their designer’s personal touch, which consists of an elegant modeling of metals and the use of ancient fragments of different kinds, mother-of-pearl and idiosyncratic materials such as beads made of ostrich eggs, fragments of leaves and bark, porcupine quills.

anellocorallo   blueearrings

Laura Balzelli addresses to an elite of customers among whom are also loyal clients form the USA, MoroccoParis, Milan, Venice.
They know they can count on uniquely beautiful and valuable products, and different services among which the duplication of lost jewels.

The brand Balzelli always appears in the guest list of every national and international jewel expositions such ad those of Syracuse, Venice, Paris, New York.


Anti-counterfeiting ID of Eccellenze Italiane n. 6827