Irene’s childlike soul inspires “Favole di Ceramica”


Favole di Ceramica” (pottery tales) narrate the idiosyncrasy and mirth of being happy with life. To do so they turn themselves into different shapes – from paperweights to vases – in order to express love for creativity and simplicity.

Irene’s adventure starts about 10 years ago, when her working career unfortunately comes to a forced end. Ceramics had never been part of her life before that time, and when Irene touches it for the first time she feels something special: that flexible, moist, captivating material gives her the feeling that she has finally found what she was meant for: use her creativeness to share human warmth. After attending a course, Irene opens her own workshop in Formia, where she lives.


“Favole di Ceramica” wants to raise emotions and tell stories: Irene’s creations are inspired by her customers’ story and sometimes by the very process from which they originate (that sometimes is a real adventure!). Cats and the sea, two fundamental things in the life of Irene, are the protagonists of Irene’s pottery works along with the theme of childhood: she believes to be a childish soul, and that this is the reason why she can create such nice, colorful works.



Each creation is original and entirely hand-painted: a one-of-a-kind piece!

“Favole di Ceramica” create vases, dishes, centerpieces, candle holders, earthenware objects, costume jewelry and more. Irene’s works are exclusively handcrafted, they recall the colors of nature and bring joy wherever they are.
Customer can order their favorite object online or chose from the website’s Photo Gallery: they know they can count on Irene’s availability to obtain an object made with love, passion and especially designed for them!

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Irene as a young girl