Forniture from the 50s reflourish thanks to Loretta Purgatori’s decorations


15 years have passed since Loretta Purgatori started her own activity as interior designer: love for art, painting and design have always accompanied her, so much so that – once she completed her Fine Art studies, she improved her skills as self-taught person. Now she manifests her creativity through the restoration and decoration of old furniture, and gives them a totally new liveliness.

loretta-purgatori-decoratriceIn her thirties, after a chartered accountant qualification, Loretta starts a course on Interior Architecture and Design at Viterbo’s Fine Arts Academy. Then she settles down, gets married and has a baby, so her life gets full of parental pleasures and duties, and her passion for design is put aside.

Yet, Loretta’s love for art keeps burning and, once her toddler is able to stand on her own legs, the project of a lifetime can get started: little pieces of furniture like night-tables are Loretta’s starting point. From local markets and friends’ houses, furniture arrives at her workshop in Viterbo: determination and liveliness give life to spotted, zebra-striped and tiger-skin decorations. Loretta’s aim is to create unconventional furniture, able to stand out inside the house and rekindle the atmosphere.




Her art makes the furniture unique, which acts as a totem in the domestic space.

Loretta’s first works currently furnish her own house. That’s how it all started: guests coming to visit Loretta saw them and felt amazed and pleased by their appearance. This was the result that encouraged Loretta to go on with her workshop and start selling her items.

Decoration does not stop outside but continues within each piece of furniture, so to give a sense of completeness and homogeneity. Furthermore, decorations are accurate and meticulous, as well as exclusively handmade.
Loretta employs acrylics and water enamel paints which are the most suitable materials for decoration on wood.


Customers’ enthusiasm has spread over Viterbo and is getting more and more visibility to Loretta’s creations. Her clients recommend her detailed job, which grows day by day.
Furniture is basically from the 40s and 50s: that’s why Loretta decided to attend a course of restoration techniques, so to optimize her skills and job.


The products used to restore, decorate and refresh the second hand furniture are also good to clean and disinfect the wood and coverings. Once Loretta completes her decoration, she covers it with flatting solvent or shellac in order to protect them from wasting.

You can request your own customized piece of furniture and Loretta will be able to suggest the best collocation and color, depending on what you require: it is fundamental to follow these steps to get the best result possible.

Revive your house with Loretta’s decorated furniture!



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