“Flecs”, the excellence o Neapolitan footwear


Aversa (Caserta) – For more than twenty years, the renowned town of footwear manufacturing has been the stage where family Estinto has acted as protagonist. Nowadays, came to its III generation, this family goes on creating beautiful man’s shoes using only high quality skins, exclusively processed in Italy.
The four brothers Estinto, not only brothers but business partners too, inherited their great-grandparents’ craft.


Beautiful man’s footwear, exquisitely crafted, realized with the softest Italian calfskin: when skins arrive at the factory their color is neutral, so they undergo different procedures of coloring, cutting and manufacturing. To follow these processes in the best way possible, “Flecs” provides itself with a highly technological equipment, essential to the implementation and production of exclusive and unique shoes, as well as the patience and care that go with every single step, owners first. The young team of stylists perfectly matches with the industriousness of the expert shoemakers, creating a flawless cooperation: this is what makes “Flecs” essentially different from the other footwear labels, and able to guarantee a high quality product. There is plenty to choose from : the never-fading classics such as chelsea shoes, bluchers, oxford and desert shoes, and the seasonal loafers and ankle boots.


stivalettobianco e nero

“Flecs” footwear is appreciated throughout Italy, but it is spreading abroad too: several shipments have been accomplished in the last three years, and a stable cooperation has been founded with France and Germany. This remarkable outcome was obtained thanks to the participation of “Flecs” at Messe Dusseldorf Trade Fair, Crecendo Trade Show of Paris, MOC Italian Show Fair in Munich and the Micam Fashion Show of Milan.

Anti-counterfeiting ID of Eccellenze Italiane n. 6841