Felt finds its new stylistic vocation with “Farafulli”


Love, professionalism, technique, art, uniqueness: this is the recipe to create the Made in Italy marvels signed “Farafulli“, a magical world where beautiful clothes are produced with soft and thin felt.
“Farafulli” embodies the example of the flower which blossoms in adversity: it was born in a particularly hard period for Patrizia Uzzo, the designer, who has been able to find her own determination and inspiration to go through a completely new path. She has always been attracted by art, yet she never fell in love with other forms of art as she did with nuno felting in 2013.

arcobaleno    sciarpaacqua

This ancient Japanese technique consists of dipping carded wool fibers in hot water and castile soap, and handling them until they blend together to form felt, which is a kind of fabric that is not weaved.
The bond of wool fibers and pure fabrics – such as silk – will result in beautiful and long-lasting patterns which literally surprise the customer. After attending a course on nuno-felting technique, Patrizia started her brand new career as fashion designer. Nowadays she realizes stoles, shawls, scarves, ponchosdresses


“Farafulli” ‘s clothes present nuances which are perfectly mixed together.
They are classy, graceful and refined; style and versatility are what sets them apart from ordinary clothing.
Patrizia tells us that handling felt requires patience and intuition: it is a manual labor that needs concentration and skills as well as a good amount of energy… that pays you back in the form of smiling customers.


Felt being too warm for the Italian latitude, it must necessarily be adapted. Clothes do not need seams – except for zippers – since felt blends with other fabrics in an irreversible bond.
Patrizia’s collections interpret the colors and shapes of seasons: for example, even though it may seem a typically winter item, poncho turned out to be this summer’s must have. “Farafulli” makes light-weighted ponchos and shawls, in which wool is uniquely implemented to garnish the edge, so it does not touch the skin.

Last summer Patrizia drew inspiration from Impressionist and Expressionist artists such as Monet and Kokoschka for an entire collection of shawls and dresses, and is planning to amaze us again for next winter.

abito chiaro     kokoschka

“Farafulli” testifies for the rewards of constancy and invites not to give up during hard times: this is Patrizia’s message for her customers. Always put together perseverance, intelligence, study and – of curse – optimism!

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