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“Flecs”, the excellence o Neapolitan footwear


Aversa (Caserta) – For more than twenty years, the renowned town of footwear manufacturing has been the stage where family Estinto has acted as protagonist. Nowadays, came to its III generation, this family goes on creating beautiful man’s shoes using only high quality skins, exclusively processed in Italy.
The four brothers Estinto, not only brothers but business partners too, inherited their great-grandparents’ craft.

Irene’s childlike soul inspires “Favole di Ceramica”


Favole di Ceramica” (pottery tales) narrate the idiosyncrasy and mirth of being happy with life. To do so they turn themselves into different shapes – from paperweights to vases – in order to express love for creativity and simplicity.

Irene’s adventure starts about 10 years ago, when her working career unfortunately comes to a forced end. Ceramics had never been part of her life before that time, and when Irene touches it for the first time she feels something special: that flexible, moist, captivating material gives her the feeling that she has finally found what she was meant for: use her creativeness to share human warmth. After attending a course, Irene opens her own workshop in Formia, where she lives.


Felt finds its new stylistic vocation with “Farafulli”


Love, professionalism, technique, art, uniqueness: this is the recipe to create the Made in Italy marvels signed “Farafulli“, a magical world where beautiful clothes are produced with soft and thin felt.
“Farafulli” embodies the example of the flower which blossoms in adversity: it was born in a particularly hard period for Patrizia Uzzo, the designer, who has been able to find her own determination and inspiration to go through a completely new path. She has always been attracted by art, yet she never fell in love with other forms of art as she did with nuno felting in 2013.

The top of jewelry manufactures in goldsmith Laura Balzelli’s precious creations


Personal quest and experience blend together to form a proper mother lode consisting of the valuable jewelry creations designed by Laura Balzelli. These pieces are priceless and one of a kind: precious metals – among which gold undoubtedly stands out – are worked and refined with fantastic decorations in the workshop next door.

campanula iris

Forniture from the 50s reflourish thanks to Loretta Purgatori’s decorations


15 years have passed since Loretta Purgatori started her own activity as interior designer: love for art, painting and design have always accompanied her, so much so that – once she completed her Fine Art studies, she improved her skills as self-taught person. Now she manifests her creativity through the restoration and decoration of old furniture, and gives them a totally new liveliness.

Paolo Donà, pipe organs and harmoniums


On July 1997, Mr. Paolo Dona’ graduated in Organ studies at “Giuseppe Verdi” conservatory of Turin. His passion for this beautiful and unconventional instrument led the way to his future career: he started working for a business of pipe organs restoration, a crucial experience to turn into practice his studies and to develop his skills. This experience is what allowed him to become a freelancer.