“Antica Macelleria Canzone”, the true flavor of Sicilian cold cuts

Since 1918, in the evocative medieval hamlet of Caccamo (PA), “Antica Macelleria Canzone” provides excellent meats and cold cuts to the natives – and foreigners too – in accordance with tradition and the typical food.

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This almost centenary business, started by Filippo Canzone, keeps running under the leadership of the owner Raimondo and his watchful and tireless father Sebastiano.
This father-and-son duo is what strengthens the dialog between tradition and innovation, which are very important aspects that need to be improved when dealing with foodstuff. Passion and professionalism didn’t get wasted during time, on the contrary they got stronger and ensure the realization of a totally genuine and tasty product, which reminds the ancient rural tradition and adapts it to the modern times.

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Specialty of the house is the Salsiccia Pasqualora, the most typical and representative food of Caccamo. It is made with pork meat only, obtained by two pigs that the local families used to kill in the period of time that goes from Christmas to Carnival. Then Lent started and meat was temporary banished, so that leftover sausages were hung under the crawl space of the roofs, in order to let them season. When Easter arrived, people had their Pasqualoras to eat.

On the barbie or raw, Pasqualora is an excellent cold cut, only made with locally farmed meats, salt, black and withe pepper and fennel.

Mr. Raimondo often takes part to the major local and national events related to food and wine sector: he offers tastings and explanations about the way his products are made, as he can count on a transparent supply chain.
“Antica Macelleria Canzone” only uses meat coming from Caccamo’s small farmers, who breed their herds on the ground; then the meat is butchered in the local slaughterhouse, so that each part of the process is completely implemented on the spot and the authentic taste is preserved.

Mr. Canzone’s butchery produces delicacies such as salsiccia pasqualora, salame a punta di coltello – meticulously hand made – bacon, seasoned fat and other tantalizing specialties.

Care and attention in the selection of meat, ability to check the complex working period and love for quality: these are the prerogatives that make “Antica Macelleria Canzone” a real excellence in the gastronomical Sicilian heritage.

Over the last years Mr. Raimondo has got busy promoting his products around Italy, and attended fairs and events among which the European Tennis Championship for Local Police, that took place in Milan during Expo 2015.
The next dates with “Antica Macelleria Canzone” are Divino Festival of Castel Buono, at the end of July, in which tastings will be combined to the most famous Italian wines; then in October there will be the not to be missed Sagra della Salsiccia of Caccamo. Come along!

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