“Macelleria Zamperlin”, and your table won’t lack of tasty, healthy meat


Since 1991, the Butchery and Delicatessen Zamperlin has provided fresh and genuine meat to the inhabitants of Manta – in the district of Cuneo – exclusively bred in the local territories.
A family ran butchery, that boasts 26 years of experience in all that regards delicatessen and butchery, that are focused in Mr. Livio, the owner.
This essential factor is what makes the Zamperlins able to understand that Piedmontese Beef must be drawn to attention, because of its high quality meat and healthy nutritional values. It is mainly common to be found in the regions of Asti, Turin and Cuneo (where we find Zamperlin’s butchery), and its heads of cattle are personally selected by Mr. Livio, then taken to the slaughterhouse in order to monitor every single step.


Cold cuts are prepared following the tradition, that is to say by means of hands, patience and a little labor: air-cured pork meat (better known as “coppa”), bacon, ham and even more characteristic products such as lard cream and herbal loin, realized with Occitan herbs. There is also the special beer bacon, that Zamperlin produces only for the beer supplier to sell it in its pubs (one of which is in New York!).

pancetta   lardo

Cold cuts are seasoned with natural aromas, following the classical recipes and more innovative ones: knife-cut meat is not dressed with lemon but with another ingredient that Mr. Livio wants to keep anonymous… we can only say that it is a hundred percent natural and it avoids meat to become gray.

salami    cremalardo

Boiled Carru’ Beef, pork chops, roast beef, stew, pork knuckles, steaks… tasty and healthy delicacies, made more and more accessible to everyone thanks to the cooking method that Zamperlin Butchery uses to cook its meat: we are talking about the SOFT COOKER, a machine which allows the meat to cook at high temperature without reaching the boil and keeping the temperature stable up to 8-9 hours.
When the process is finished, meat is soft and juicy: this is what makes the soft-cooker method a most useful way to appreciate meat for all those who find it difficult to digest. All without trans fats!
At Zamperlin’s butchery you can also find vacuum-sealed meat, ideal to preserve your stock of meat from wasting in the long run.

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