“La Fattoria”: breeders and butchers among tradition and innovation


Mr. Veneruso has run his butcher shop “La Fattoria” since 1989. This family business offers high-quality, certified meats of different kinds, and puts together a centennial tradition with innovation.

The name “La Fattoria” – “the farm” – comes from the Venerusos’ long experience as bovine breeders. Anciently there were stalls on the backside of the butcher shop, where animals were kept and feed. Then, in 1985, they had to move to the mountain of Alto Beneventano, where the air is healthier.

staff“La Fattoria” has been the first butcher to sell meat coming from Marche, well known for its quality and taste. Besides this one kind, there are also the famous chianina – exclusively coming from Tuscany and Umbria – black pelatello pig from Caserta, and Aberdeen angus meat, coming from Lecce.

Each head of cattle is selected since the early age and they are scrupulously monitored in order to guarantee the most possible contact with nature, the only thing that can give the meat its authentic taste.
“La Fattoria”‘s priority is to offer only PGI products, whose origin is clear to the customer. The Venerusos are highly committed with origin and quality, still they want to do more: the butcher shop’s owner, Mr. Ciro, is planning to put together the little stalls he owns in order to create just one big structure, so that he and his family would be able to monitor everything in the best way possible.

This project comes from the great importance that the Venerusos give to tradition and healthy food: Mr. Veneruso firmly believes that nowadays we ought to aim at quality and not quantity, since it gives benefit in the long run.

This is why “La Fattoria” wants its clients to be certain of their healthy nutrition: this together with the breeding method is what makes meat highly tasty and wholesome.

Ciro Veneruso’s younger brother, Francesco, is the one who brings innovation inside their butcher shop: his creativity changes traditional recipes into new and fanciful dishes, characterized by different and unusual kinds of seasoning. Smoked ham, smoked pork leg, chicken “straccetti” with crumbled Neapolitan “taralli”, toasted almonds and Genoese PGI pesto: delicious to taste and see!


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