About Us & Contacts

REI srl Offices

REI srl Offices

REI SRL (Italian Excellence Registry) boasts a long-serving experience in Made in Italy quality branches, marketing and IT.

The main office is located in via dei Carpini, in the industrial zone of Bastia Umbra, district of Perugia. Our seat is situated in the very center of one of the most important areas of Italy.

You might contact us during office hours at the following numbers:

+39 075 9697449
+39 075 8004181 * it may happen to find this number on other users’ webpages, nevertheless we confirm that it is currently assigned to REI.

Fax +39 075 9691386

E-mail address: info@eccellenzeitaliane.com

Our Editorial Committee

In 2015 the Editorial Committee has considered 12.611 requests of quality awarding and has bestowed 2.161 by the end of October 2015.

The assessment of the enterprises requesting Anti-Counterfeiting ID is carried out by the Editorial Committee, currently made of the following members:

Antonella Bagnetti: expert on fashion, business, marketing and communication.

Rag. Anna Corriale (Accountant): expert on marketing, communication, nutrition and typical food.

Silvia Diano: PhD in Foreign Languages and Literatures, event and meeting organizer, wedding planner, team building expert, agritourism restaurant and wellness center management.

Dina Narciso: marketing and sales techniques expert.

Eurosia Pasquali: food trade, marketing and communication expert.

Ing. Carlo Vincenti Proietti: environmental engineer, wellness and beauty consultant, graphic designer, webmaster, press office manager, marketing and communication expert.

Ken Sorbelli: sommelier, food and beverage expert.