The Anti-Counterfeiting ID protects your Job

Eccellenze Italiane tutela il tuo lavoro con la vetrofania anticontraffazioneDecal sample – Click here to see the Certificate

Today more than ever Made in Italy plays a leading role in the market scene, and that’s the reason why it should be protected by all means.
Thanks to its 500.000 visits per month, effectuated through main browsers such as Google, Eccellenze Italiane International Circuit stands out as reference point on what concerns certifications of excellence and promotion of professionalism.
Eccellenze Italiane can currently boast more than 6000 businesses operating in a vast number of sectors: food and wine production, accommodation, craftsmanship, fashion, interior design, technology, services and more.
Everyday many enterprises adhere to the Anti-counterfeiting campaign and benefit from the privileges that only Registro Eccellenze Italiane (Italian Excellence Registry) can grant, such as increasing of the businesses’ visibility and reputation (click here to get further information) on Internet and the possibility to verify in real time the actual correspondence of Anti-counterfeiting IDs.
After a meticulous evaluation of the businesses’ quality, IDs are released by the Editorial Committee of Eccellenze Italiane, then are displayed as decals on the Affiliates’ shop windows and printed on the Excellence Certificate.
You can find the RIA (ID Anti-Counterfeiting Registry) on the right column of this same page and verify if the products you’re looking for are inserted.
If your Company owns the needed requisites to obtain our Italian quality brand, you can click here to request the Anti-Counterfeiting ID, to get the Eccellenze Italiane Registered trademark.
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Dine to the sound of music at Alba Italian Restaurant

Fields of an intense green, overlooking golden sandy beaches which end into a blue sea. A typical coastal view in County Wexford, South-eastern Ireland. Imagine that you have just witnessed a beautiful sunset from Wexford lighthouse: a triumph of orange and pink tones that plunge into the ocean. It’s five o’clock and it has started getting chilly since the sun has gone, the biting Irish wind is blowing and your stomach growls lightly. After days of local food, you are craving some delicious Italian food. What can you do now?

Fabio’s Restaurant & Pizzeria: Italian know-how

Ko Phangan is an island in southern Thailand, a tropical paradise of uncontaminated forests, beaches of thin and white sand and coconut trees. A dream has come true for Fabio Colapietro, that of living amidst such beauty: Fabio’s Restaurant & Pizzeria is located just a couple of minutes away from those crystal clear waters and from the beautiful coral reefs.

“Lusna Studio” turns your precious moments into photographic works of art


Dedication, artistic research and innovation are the base on which “Lusna Studio” has founded its excellence as the only photographic reality on Italian territory to be a photographic atelier too. After more than 5 years of professional formation, photographers Anna Sara Mastrini and Angelo Marchetti decided to consecrate their career to the idea of photography conceived as a form o visual art to rediscover and promote. Their professional philosophy stands on the high quality of artisan prints, exclusively implemented with Fine Art paper, which is certified and superior to that used in the realization of photo-books.
“Lusna Studio” guarantees services such as Wedding Photoreportage, Wedding Cinema, Fine Art Prints and Photo Restoration. Everyone of these services is the result of an accurate elaboration operated in the name of the artistic ideal of “Lusna Studio”.

“Macelleria Zamperlin”, and your table won’t lack of tasty, healthy meat


Since 1991, the Butchery and Delicatessen Zamperlin has provided fresh and genuine meat to the inhabitants of Manta – in the district of Cuneo – exclusively bred in the local territories.
A family ran butchery, that boasts 26 years of experience in all that regards delicatessen and butchery, that are focused in Mr. Livio, the owner.
This essential factor is what makes the Zamperlins able to understand that Piedmontese Beef must be drawn to attention, because of its high quality meat and healthy nutritional values. It is mainly common to be found in the regions of Asti, Turin and Cuneo (where we find Zamperlin’s butchery), and its heads of cattle are personally selected by Mr. Livio, then taken to the slaughterhouse in order to monitor every single step.

“Flecs”, the excellence o Neapolitan footwear


Aversa (Caserta) – For more than twenty years, the renowned town of footwear manufacturing has been the stage where family Estinto has acted as protagonist. Nowadays, came to its III generation, this family goes on creating beautiful man’s shoes using only high quality skins, exclusively processed in Italy.
The four brothers Estinto, not only brothers but business partners too, inherited their great-grandparents’ craft.

“La Maisonette”, among Sabine mountains coziness and good food


Casaprota (RI) – Are you tired of reducing your tête à têtes with taste to dull, hit-and-run business lunches? Are you fed up with the frantic rhythm of city life?

For those who still believe in the convivial significance of meals, “La Maisonette” is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxed supper and a beautiful landscape.

Far from the urban chaos and a few minutes’ car ride from Rome, this lovely place is enhanced by the luxuriant surrounding land and a return to the principles of traditional cuisine.

Since June 2015, thanks to the innovative home restaurant method, La Maisonette warmly welcomes its customers, and turns their reservations in familiar experiences, in direct contact with the kitchen staff.